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What is Munchies?

Munchies! is a fun and addictive shareware game for the Macintosh. Guide Melvin the Munchie through 45 levels of fast-paced arcade fun. Eat all the food to get through each level, and shoot skulls and deadly kitchen utensils for extra points. Munchies was programmed by Michael Fan using the Sprite Animation Toolkit by Ingemar Ragnemalm.

Note: Munchies will not run on Intel processor Macs. Please verify that it will run on your Mac before purchasing a license.

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Features include:
  • Amazing food icons
  • Bonus round
  • Special shots
  • MOD music soundtrack
  • Only $8.00

Click the thumbnail image for a full size screenshot.

System Requirements

Munchies should work on all Macs with System 7 and above. 256 colors and 1700Kof free RAM is recommend. But Munchies can run in black and white with as little as 900K with the music turned off. Munchies can be configured for all monitor sizes from a classic on up. Sound Manager 3.1 is recommend, but not essential.

How do I get Munchies?

Easy, just download Munchies 1.0.7 now (486K). Make sure your web browser is properly configured for Stuffit Expander to decode and unstuff it. If you have a previous version, you might want to download a patcher instead.

How do I register?

You can now register Munchies online with your credit card at Kagi. You can also register by credit card, check or money order by running the Register application that comes with Munchies.

Why should I register?

  • You will receive a code which will remove the Annoying Shareware Message and personalize your copy of Munchies!
  • You will be get a level menu that will allow you to start at later levels.
  • You will be registered for all future versions.
  • You will get good karma


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