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Extra Music

You can change the music that accompanies Munchies by putting an Amiga MOD file in the same folder as Munchies and renaming it "Music". (no quotation marks). If you want to keep the original music you will need to rename the original music or move it into a different folder. Different MOD files may require you to change the memory allocated to Munchies by going to Get Info in the Finder. A good rule of thumb is to increase the memory by the size of the file. Here are a few of my favorite MODs.

2/12/01. As almost nobody has their browsers configured to automatically play Amiga MOD files, these music files are just compressed and encoded for easy downloading.

You need to a helper application such as Norman Franke's SoundApp installed in order to hear these files after they are downloaded. If you would like to have the Munchies Mod Icons visible in the Finder, you will need to change the Type to STrk and the Creator to MikL. This can be accomplished with an application such as SetItsType by Masafumi Ueda.


Copyright © 1996-2000 by Michael Fan

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