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I am an easily amused adult and have enjoyed Munchies as a diet aid. After a good game I always feel that my junk food needs have been completely satisfied. - Linda S.

Pix of food is excellent. Fun for all ages. - Tom R.

My husband says I am addicted to this game - and he isn't wrong!! - Sandy T

I hate shoot-em-up games, but Munchies is brilliant - easy going and good humored. - Susan B.

Got my registration number. I must tell you what **FUN** this game has been for me. Last Friday after school my '67 Camero (in the family from day one) caught on fire in the engine. It's totalled. I was anxious, angry etc. What did I do when I finally made it home --- to Munchies, to Munchies. I really needed the escape that day &138;- Scotti C

What the critics say:

This unsolicited review by Ian Ollmann appeared in comp.sys.mac.games.announce. A review also appeared recently in The MacWare Revue.


Munchies 1.0 - Unsolicited Review by Ian Ollmann

Munchies is a unusual cross between Pacman and Crystal Quest, with unique elements belonging to neither game. With a supply of peas as your only weapon, you play a PacMan-like figure who chases all manner of food about the screen while trying to avoid the evil deaths heads or the diabolical silverware plotting your downfall. At higher levels, the food starts to run away and death runs right for you! Be agile, be quick or Munchies may get the better of you!

System Requirements
Munchies officially requires System 7, 1700k free RAM, 256 colors and any mac. The game runs well on a Power Mac 7500, Performa 6300 and Centris 650 (all System 7.5.3). It also runs nearly as well on a Mac IIcx (System 7.1.2), provided that the music was turned off. With the music on, animation is a little jerky on the IIcx, but the game is still playable. The game runs smoothly at 640x480 resolution (standard macintosh screen resolution), but it also supports 540x342 resolution so it can be played on classic macs.

Where do I get it?
Munchies 1.0 is available by anonymous ftp download from sumex-aim.stanford.edu and associated mirror sites in /info-mac/game/ arc/munchies-10.hqx as a comparatively quite small 411k file. Shareware: $8.

Munchies is a self-described game for "children and easily amused adults." I must be quite easily amused, because this 411 kB download had me playing for hours. Munchies 1.0 is a seamless arcade game in which you play a PacMan-like figure with an insatiable lust for food. You guide your hero around the evil nasties to gobble up all of the goodies. Once you have eaten all the good stuff, you madly dash for the exit, only to begin another level anew. Though the author has targeted this game towards children, he definitely has not got the best interest of the children's eating habits at heart! Melvin the Munchie, the game's protagonist, starts the game eating hamburgers, only to progress to French fries and cokes at higher levels with all sorts of treats like ice cream cones, chocolate cake and coffee (?!) along the way. You also can eat pea pods to gain a small supply of peas to shoot at the bad guys. The peas can be improved by consuming a whole shaker of pepper or salt(!). Of course, nothing is quite so great as the protective cholesterol coating that you get from consuming and entire stick of butter. With that, you can almost (but not quite) live forever! Sound like your kind of game? Keep reading, but be warned, this game has already made more than one casual observer start to think seriously about heading to the candy machine for a snack.

Bad guys? Yes, every game must have its bad guys. Here they are evil looking death's heads which are very bad for Melvin's health. There is also the ever sinister silverware. I have always suspected silverware of treachery ever since my mother made me use it for eating instead of my obviously much more agile hands, but this game has convinced me of the malicious nature of common cutlery. The flying knives and jumping forks may be sharp (ouch!) but you really have to watch out for the spoon which is constantly flinging little peas at you (another thing my mother warned me about.) They are definitely to be avoided!

Control of our hero is accomplished solely with the mouse. Where the mouse lies translates into what direction Melvin moves, a system which is identical to the way one moved in Crystal Quest. Move your mouse up and Melvin moves faster towards he top of the screen or at least slower towards the bottom. You can fire peas by pressing the mouse button. They fly out either straight left or straight right depending on which way Melvin is facing. (This differs from shooting in Crystal Quest). If you consume a salt shaker, then you can get your shots to curve by moving up and down. A pepper shaker makes your shots destroy things in their path and keep on going. One shot can kill many bad guys as well as destroy some food or other goodies!

But wait, there is more. Every five or so levels, there is a bonus level in which treats (and after a while death) rain from the sky. Dash around gobbling as much as you can. Soon, the exit will appear. It is up to you to decide whether to leave while you can or try to glean a more goodies from the every increasing number of death's heads raining from the sky. Unlike other games, if you die in the bonus level, you have lost a life. This game is already fun and pretty to look at. However, included in its tiny download is a Nintendo-like MOD music track which provides better music than most games in the arcade genre. It plays without skips or static and transitions between levels without interruption. It is one of the best features of the game.

A recent remake of crystal quest has appeared at the info-mac ftp site, called Space Debris. However, for fun, I believe this game has that one beat. The music and sounds are better, the graphics more fun to look at and the experience as a whole is more novel and enjoyable. Both are definitely worth checking out, but this one should not be missed. Ian Ollmann

Please note that I have no connection to this product or its makers.



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